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Event Manufaktur GmbH has nominated itself for the BrandEx Award.

Together with Nagra, Event Manufaktur GmbH submitted the project "Nagra - From the Deep into the Future" to the BrandEx. This exhibition has now been nominated by the international jury of the BrandEx Award. A nomination means that the Swiss agency will receive a trophy in Dortmund on January 10.

At BrandEx, the most successful live communication projects in the German-speaking world are honored. Event Manufaktur GmbH was nominated for an award together with its client, Nagra.

At the beginning of 2022, Nagra completed its three-year deep drilling campaign, thus completing the geological picture of the subsurface of northern Switzerland. This meant that the deep geological repository project of the century was about to reach an important milestone: the siting proposal, which Nagra then communicated widely in September 2022.

In a series of events held in Windisch in March 2022, Nagra presented the results of the previous investigations for the first time. The aim was to take various stakeholders on a journey through 50 years of Nagra history and research and to focus their attention on the future of the disposal of Switzerland's nuclear waste. The aim was to ensure that they could easily understand the communication. The 40 or so events over five weeks provided a good platform for talking to Nagra.

Nagra commissioned its project partner Event Manufaktur with an exhibition concept that was intended to arouse curiosity and create a sense of closeness to Nagra's century-long task and 50-year history of research. The exhibition also showcased the more than 400 meters of drill cores and vividly told the story of the geology that is crucial to the location of the deep geological repository. Another task was to create space for dialogue and to address questions and criticism from the community. Employee statements were also part of the exhibition, giving the company a face and a voice.

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